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《企鹅兄弟开餐馆》מסעדה בקצה הקוטב The Penguin Café at the Edge of the World 

by Nurit Zarchi, Anat Warshavsky, Stephanie Gou (translator)



This charming children’s story follows three penguin brothers as they run a café in the South Pole. In the icy reaches of the South Pole live three penguin brothers: Amos, Max, and Hans. They love cooking so much that one day they band together to start a cozy café. There, they will serve a delicious, cinnamony concoction of their own creation ― Peng-Winter Stew! The only snag?


Shandong Education Press, 2021


Since they are located at the edge of the world, people don’t visit them very often. As the penguin brothers wait for the next boat to arrive, they hope that their customers will enjoy their splendid stew as much as they do. Illustrated by contemporary artist Anat Warshavsky in whimsical watercolors with a vivid primary color palette, The Penguin Café at the Edge of the World is a warmhearted tale of friendship and collaboration.


Nurit Zarchi


Anat Warshavsky

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