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Spring Festival 2018  -  The Enormous Turnip


This version of The Enormous Turnip show is tailor-made for 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration of my daughter's Chinese school.


The main characters come from different regions of China,  presenting for different ethnic groups.


I prepared all teaching materials, custumes, music.  I am alos the choreographer and director of this lovely show.

Full version and The Story Line:


A  Han mum is looking forward to cook Chinese Dumpling for Chinese New Year and asked her son to pull out the Turnip from the allotment. Children from the Chinese Uyghur, Mongol, Korean,Tibetan, Miao, Zhuang and Bai communities all come to help. All actors and actress will dress up in the traditional out-fit and dance with the folk music when they travel through the stage.

Spring Festival 2018  -  The Enormous Turnip - Teaching Slides

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